Union Africa 20th conference, side-meeting with INCURE

Within the framework of Union Africa conference a Side-meeting was organized, where TB specialists (UNION, INCURE, WHO, GDF and national chief TB specialists) from different countries discussed with INCURE about severely ill TB patients.

As the result of meeting all participants had signed a joint agreement. The full text of Joint agreement is in attachment, and written below:

jointly agree that severely ill TB patients are in the highest risk of mortality among all TB cases and are still missed due to non—recognized status and lack of access to intensive treatment with intravenous formulations of anti-TB drugs.

We declare that additional diagnostic and treatment efforts are required to reduce mortality among severely ill TB patients. Important steps to achieve this goal should be done by all interested parties (stakeholders, policymakers, NTPs, WHO and others in a high burden TB settings) i.e:

  • Recognize the forms of TB that are to be classified as “severe”;
  • Estimate the actual number of severe TB cases annually in high burden TB settings;
  • Create and implement special guideline for management of severe TB patients;
  • lnclude intravenous anti—TB drugs (first— and second line) into Essential Drug List of WHO and localcountries’ lists;
  • Improve access to intravenous anti-TB drugs (first- and second line) in high burden TB settings.


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