Training for TB specialists in Chernivtsi oblast

INCURE participated in methodological training for TB specialists, which was given within the annual meeting on the results of TB program in Chernivtsi oblast. 

More than 60 specialists from Chernivtsi oblast had an opprtunity to update their knowledge, share their views and discuss about the most actual problems in TB treatment.

Professor Todoriko Liliya  came up with a presentation  «Recomendations on IV chemotherapy of TB ».Recomendations were formed by leading ukrainian specialists in TB treatment.

Vise-director of INCURE Tatiana Sprynsian shared knowledge on topic «Severe forms of Tuberculosis»,
emphasising on the importance of detection of severe forms of TB and collection of data about all national cases of severe TB forms which is essential for the planning of activities towards reduction of overall mortality from TB.