Severe Tuberculosis Presentation for TB specialists in Kharkivska oblast.

With the support of INCURE, a methodical training was conducted for the TB services in the Kharkivska oblast.

Professor Dmitry Butov made a presentation in which he showed the world dynamics of the fight against tuberculosis, as well as the latest approaches to the treatment of tuberculosis.

Among the key issues was raised the issue of treating categories of patients who are not helped by standard therapy - patients with severe forms of tuberculosis (miliary and disseminated tuberculosis, central nervous system TB and caseous pneumonia), patients with impaired absorbability of tablet forms (patients with malabsorption syndrome) , as well as patients with severe comorbidities.

According to the professor, patients with severe forms of TB are sometimes difficult to diagnose and early diagnosis can help to save such patients. But even with timely diagnosis, it is necessary to increase the intensity of therapy by using intravenous forms of anti-tuberculosis drugs, in which the peak concentration in the plasma is higher than in tableted forms.