Press conference dedicated to World TB Day

INCURE team organizes a press conference "Accelerating on the path of tuberculosis elimination in Ukraine" on the occasion of World TB Day

On March 27, at 11:30, within the framework of the World TB Day, UNIAN will host a press conference on "Accelerating the elimination of tuberculosis in Ukraine".

 According to WHO, tuberculosis is one of the top ten causes of deaths worldwide and through 2016 this infectious disease killed 1.67 million people. In Ukraine, 64 out of 100,000 Ukrainians are ill with tuberculosis, it's an average of 9 times more than in European countries. In Ukraine, according to WHO, unidentified cases of TB are 25%. Every fourth tuberculosis patient is unidentified, or is silent about his disease, while Ukraine is one of the five countries with the highest burden of multidrug-resistant (drug-resistant) tuberculosis.
Topics on the conference:

  • the problem of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Ukraine: an increase in the incidence even among newly diagnosed cases, the cost of therapy, access to new drugs;
  • causes and consequences of a high percentage of unidentified TB cases in Ukraine;
  • the current policy of the Ministry of Health and entails the transition to outpatient treatment of TB patients; severe forms of tuberculosis as the main cause of death in patients with TB. Necessity of singling out certain categories of seriously ill TB;
  • How much is Ukraine provided with the necessary resources for the treatment and diagnosis of TV?

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