INCURE organized scientific symposium "Updates on The Intravenous Treatment of TB. Managing the administration of anti-TB treatments under special circumstances" (Bucharest, Romania)

One of the main objectives of the symposium was to alert specialists about new opportunities for anti-TB treatment in Romania due to the emergence of new forms of long-used drugs (first-line intravenous anti-tuberculosis drugs and Isoniazid-syrup for children).


The following reports sounded in the program:

  •   "National program against tuberculosis. Perspectives and priorities "- Dr. Gilda Popescu, National Technical Coordinator PNPSCT (National Program for the Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis)
  •         "Intravenous chemotherapy for tuberculosis. Basic Principles "- Professor Valery Dzhugostran (Chisinau)
  •      "Features of the treatment of tuberculosis in special situations: ways of PTP administration: intravenous, endobronchial and intracavitary" - Professor Lilia Todoriko (Bukovina State University, Chernivtsi)
  •     "Isoniazid chemoprophylaxis in children: special aspects of treatment and increased adherence to therapy through the use of children's forms of drugs" - Dr. Tatyana Sprinsyan (Deputy Executive Director of INCURE)
  •     "Standard Pharmacovigilance Procedures" - Dr. Marius Dimitru (Director of the Association of Patients with Tuberculosis in Romania).